Things you might like to know.


Where is my data stored?
The data is located in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket in the EU (Ireland) region. For faster access it is cached in Amazon data centers around the world.
Who can see models set to public?
Anyone with the link can see the data. However, part of the link is a random UUID. UUIDs are very hard to guess and it is most improbable that anyone will stumble across a valid link. If you are interested, further information about UUIDs can be found here.
Who can see models set to private?
The VR model can only be viewed if the correct password is entered. The model data is encrypted using AES-256 before it is sent to the Ivanize.com server. The password is neither sent nor stored. Some meta-data such as the name of the model, the prefered viewing mode and the editors remain unencrypted to facilitate model management via the website.
Why is my model still available altough it has been deleted?
To improve performance the models are cached on several servers around the world. Once a model has been deleted it can take up to 24 hours for the change to propagate to all servers.


Which version of Rhino will ivanize work with?
Ivanize requires Rhino 6 for Windows and .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher
Which colors does ivanize use to render the model?
Currently ivanize.com uses the material color. For improved performance textures are not displayed.
Why are some of my objects not showing?
Make sure they are not on a locked layer. Objects on locked layers cannot be selected, and are hence not exported. If the object is a mesh it will only be visible from one side. The side its normals are pointing to.
Why can I not teleport around my model?
Teleportation only works with surfaces of objects that belong to one of the following categories: topography or floor. See the plugin specific help to find out how to categorize an object.
How can I reduce the size of the exported file?
The exporter creates meshes of all the objects. One way to optimize file size is to create the meshes manually and reduce the number of vertices as much as possible. Also, it is a good idea to use blocks wherever possible.


How can I use WebVR with ivanize.com?
We provide some Aframe components to use with the ivanize.com cloud. All you need is the link to your model which is provided on the account page.
Is immersive VR possible using Aframe?
Yes, there are several possibilities. You can use a mobile phone and a head mount such as a cardboard. Some head mounted displays (e.g. Oculus Quest) come with a built-in browser. Alternatively is is possible to use Mozilla Firefox and a wired head mounted display (e.g. Oculus Rift).