Rhino Help

How to use the Rhino Plugin.


Ivanize-objects can be assigned to a number of categories to influence their behavior. The Rhino exporter uses either layer names or "Attribute User Text" with the key "IvanizeType" to assign an object to a category. Attribute user text overrides layer information. Currently the only relevant categories are:

  • Topography
  • Floor

Ivanize Command

Select obects to upload to the cloud.

If you are not logged in to your ivanize.com account you will be asked to login during the upload process.

Options are:

  • Name: The name under which to upload the model
  • Public: Whether or not the data should be encrypted
  • Style: The initial style with which to display the model
  • ViewMode: The initial view mode to display the model with

Ivanize Account Command

Jump to the account page on ivanze.com.

Ivanize Logout Command

Logout the current ivanize.com user.

Ivanize Help Command

Jump to this webpage.